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Firearms Skills for Actors-Handguns
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Courses in pistol, rifle, and shotgun for all skill levels.

Firearms For Actors

Instruction in proper firearms handling and techniques for the screen.


Videos highlightng proper techniques and new gear from some of our industry partners.

About Us

Who we are and our background as firearms instructors.

           Welcome to the Modern Defensive Firearms Academy, where you can find a wide variety of modern firearms training to suit your specific needs and abilities. Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced shooter, our friendly, highly experienced staff can guide you to the next level of proficiency and skill with your firearm.

        Our goal is to make you better, faster, more accurate and safer with your firearm. We have decades of experience training civilians, law enforcement and military personnel, and we are skilled at diagnosing problems and bad habits that may be preventing you from improving your shooting.

        We offer comprehensive classes in defensive and tactical handgun, rifle and shotgun to men, women and families, and can tailor a custom curriculum to meet your specific goals. Training takes place at a private range, conveniently located in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley.

        A new class we are offering is “Firearms for Actors”. This is a non-shooting, classroom course that will familiarize actors, stunt performers, directors, producers and those involved in cinema and television productions with the basics of modern firearms handling and manipulation. This 1 & a half hour class is for those who want to look professional and competent when carrying and using firearms on-screen. Classes will be offered in pistol, tactical rifle (AR15) and shotgun. No prior experience with firearms is necessary.

        Our staff has law enforcement, military and competition backgrounds, and are certified instructor-trainers. We also choreograph motion picture gunfight sequences, consult for motion pictures and television productions, and we have limitless enthusiasm for passing along our experience, knowledge and enjoyment of shooting. Our teaching style is personal, motivating and professional, and we strive to make your experience with us an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Send us an email or give us a call to find out more about what we can do to introduce you to the fun of shooting, and take your shooting to the next level!


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