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Firearms Skills for Actors-Handguns
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Modern Defensive Firearms Academy is staffed by experienced, knowledgeable

and highly qualified instructors. All are NRA Certified Instructors, and are also

qualified to teach tactical handgun, rifle and shotgun skills to the highest levels.

Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to learn to become a safe and

proficient shooter, or an experienced shooter looking to take their skills to

the next level, the Modern Defensive Firearms Academy has the classes and

knowledge to make you better, faster, safer and more accurate with your


Our staff also works as firearms fight choreographers and are available as

consultants to the entertainment industry. (Video reel coming soon!)

Michael Maslow began shooting rifle and pistol at the age of nine. He is

Distinguished and holds a High Master ranking in High Power Rifle, as well as a

Master ranking in Long Range Rifle. He has trained with numerous military, police

and civilian organizations, and holds a number of NRA competition and training

ratings in rifle, handgun and shotgun. He works in film and television as a writer,

producer and editor. Click here to contact us.


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